Minimum Recommended Firewall Configuration

eVisit Technical Documentation


The following domain+port and IP+port combinations must be open for use of eVisit’s applications.

eVisit telehealth app

eVisit secure datastore



Analytics and tracking for customer support tools

Web-sockets for real-time state messaging


Primary Video



If IPV4 whitelisting is required the following are valid for video signalling and routing:  

Fallback & Express Video

Signaling Communication

Region ID Location HostName Port and Protocol
gll Global Low Latency (default) 443 WSS
us1 US East Coast (Virginia) 443 WSS
us2 US West Coast (Oregon) 443 WSS

Media Servers

Region ID Location Server IP Address Range
us1 US East Coast (Virginia) - - - -


US West Coast (Oregon) - - -

The most up-to-date version of this list may be found here or here for eVisit Express.

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