My camera and/or microphone is not working on my computer

Having a working camera and microphone are a required part of the eVisit experience. If you are having trouble with your camera and microphone, please review the following tips:

Step 1: First, be sure you are using one of two supported browsers, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
At this time, the use of Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera browsers is not supported.
Step 2: Next, check to be sure your camera and microphone are not currently in use by another program.
Programs like Skype, FaceTime, or Snapchat can prevent eVisit from accessing the camera and microphone, so be sure they are closed before joining your visit. 
Step 3: Finally, verify that camera and microphone access is enabled in your browser.
View the instructions listed below for verifying this setting in both Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome Browser Instructions

To verify that your Chrome browser has the necessary permissions enabled for your camera and microphone, follow these steps:
Step 1: In your browser’s address bar, click the padlock icon
Step 2: Click Site Setting
Step 3: In the Permissions section, locate the Camera and Microphone settings
Step 4: In the menu on the right, verify that either Ask (default) or Allow is selected

If “Ask (default)” is selected, you will be prompted to allow access to the camera and/or microphone when joining your visit. If Allow is selected, access to your camera and microphone will be enabled by default, and you will not be prompted to grant access when joining your visit.

Step 5: Close the tab

Firefox Browser Instructions

If camera and microphone permissions are disabled for the eVisit application, you will see a camera and microphone icon with a line through them in the browser’s address bar. If you see this, follow the steps below to re-enable access:
Step 1: In the browser’s address bar, click the padlock/camera/mic icon
Step 2: Notice the microphone and camera settings both display as Blocked Temporarily; to the right of each setting, click x
Step 3: Refresh your browser window
Step 4: After the page reloads, you will again be prompted to allow access to the camera and microphone; click Allow

If you still need assistance, please submit a ticket.

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