Camera/microphone is not working (web)

Having a working camera and microphone are part of the eVisit experience. In the event your camera is not working, here are some things to try out:

Make sure you have Allowed Permissions to eVisit to use your camera.

Firefox - Click on the green padlock icon and make sure the camera and microphone are both set to Allowed.

Chrome - Click on the padlock icon on the address bar and verify that camera and microphone are both set to Allow.

If they are set to  Block, click on the dropdown arrow and set it to Allow. Then you will have to refresh the page to save the changes. 

Safari/Internet Explorer/Edge Browser - We do not currently support these browsers. Please download Firefox or Google Chrome.

Make sure no other programs are currently using your camera/microphone.

We often see Skype, FaceTime, or some other program using the camera and microphone preventing eVisit from accessing them to be used in the visit. Please make sure to close out of the programs completely and ensure they are not using the camera and microphone.

If you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to contact us directly by pressing the Request Help icon on the bottom of our support page:

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