How do I charge a patient from my desktop/laptop?

A patient can be charged immediately after the visit, or you or someone in your billing department can process the charge later (scroll down).

Process the Charge Immediately After the Visit

After you end the visit (by using the red end-call icon), you will be asked to confirm the end of the visit, and the Visit Summary page will appear.

Step 1. Click on the “$” payment icon. 
(on the right side of the screen) 

Step 2. Enter the amount of the charge. 
(if there is a fee associated with the visit type, it will populate)

Step 3. Click the “Charge” button

Process the Charge at a Later Time

Step 1. Log in to your eVisit account.

Step 2. Click on the “Visit History” tab.

Step 3. Find the visit you need to charge.
(The most recent visit will be at the top)

Step 4. Click on “More”.

Step 5. Click on the “$” icon

Step 6. Enter the amount of the charge.
(If the visit type has a fee associated with it, it will populate)

Step 7. Click the “Charge” button.

Once the charge is successfully submitted a green dollar sign $ displayed in the corner of that patient's row of your visit summary.

If you still need assistance, please submit a ticket.

Last Updated: 06/15/2020

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