How Do I Set Up My Availability?

Setting up your availability for both See Now and scheduled visits is very easy!

Step 1. Log in to eVisit then click on the down-arrow next to your name. Select "My Account".

Step 2. Click on the “Availability” icon

A calendar will appear. This is where you will set your availability.

Step 3. Create a block of available dates and times

  • Choose a day.

  • Click on the time you want to start your first visit. 

  • Drag your cursor to the time you want your last visit to end.    

  • Choose from the specific availability options


Step 4. Availability options

  • Put me on call: Patients will be able to request a visit immediately from within that time frame.
  • Allow scheduled visits: This option allows patients to schedule a visit at a specific time.
  • Repeat weekly: Allows you to set this as your availability option for that specific day of the week going forward. This is a great convenience if you have a regular schedule.

Step 5. Click on “Save” when you have finished setting up your availability schedule

The calendar is color coded. You can easily see when you are available (on call), scheduled, or both.

If you still need assistance, please submit a ticket.

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