My camera/microphone is not working (mobile app)

Having a working camera and microphone are part of the eVisit experience. In the event your camera is not working, here are some things to try out:

Make sure you have Allowed Permissions to eVisit to use your camera.

Android - Navigate to Settings > Apps > Find and select the eVisit app > Select Permissions

Make sure you have enabled the Camera and Microphone Permissions. If they are already enabled, disable and re-enable them.

iOS - Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Camera > Make sure the eVisit app is enabled. If already enabled, disable and re-enable the setting.

Go back to Privacy > Select Microphone and enable the toggle for the eVisit app. If enabled, disable and re-enable the setting.

Make sure no other programs are currently using your camera/microphone.

We often see Skype, FaceTime, Snapchat, or some other program using the camera and microphone; preventing eVisit from accessing them to be used in the visit. Please make sure to close out of the programs and ensure they are not using the camera and microphone.