My camera and/or microphone is not working on my smartphone/tablet

Having a working camera and microphone are part of the eVisit experience. In the event your camera/microphone are not working, make sure no other programs are currently using them.

Programs like Skype, FaceTime, or Snapchat can prevent eVisit from accessing the camera and microphone. Please make sure they are closed. 

Note: You may join an eVisit on your phone by using the mobile app or by using your phone's mobile web browser. The below instructions are specific to the eVisit mobile app. Click HERE if you are experiencing camera and/or microphone issues on your mobile web browser. Instructions for where to download the mobile app can also be found HERE

Android Devices

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings app of your Android device.
(Settings icon from Google Pixel smartphone shown)

Step 2. Tap the magnifying glass to search settings.

Step 3. Type in "eVisit" and tap on the app.

Step 4. Tap on Permissions.

Step 5. Determine if your Camera and/or Microphone are under Allowed or Denied. If either of them show up under Denied, tap on the feature.

Step 6. Change the permission from "Deny" to "Allow only while using the app" then tap the back arrow.

Step 7. Confirm your Camera and Microphone both show up under Allowed.

You can exit your Settings app and you're set!

Apple Devices

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings app of your

Step 2. Find the eVisit app and tap on it.

Step 3. Find Camera and Microphone to ensure the selector is showing green to allow use.

You can exit your Settings app and you're set!

If you still need assistance, please submit a ticket.

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