How Do I Reschedule A Patient?

We have improved the efficiency of rescheduling a patient's appointment.

Step 1. Log into your eVisit account and click on the "Scheduling" tab.

Step 2. Select the correct provider and search for the patient and corresponding visit that needs to be rescheduled.

(If the provider that is listed by default is not the correct one go into "Calendar View" and choose the correct provider)

Step 3. Click on "Reschedule".

  • A side window will appear with the details of the upcoming visit.

Step 4. Click on "Edit" to select a new date and time, or "Cancel" to cancel the appointment.

Step 5. Select the new date by placing your cursor in the "Date (M/D/YYYY)" field and clicking on the calendar. You may also type the date in to field directly.

Step 6. Place your cursor in the "Time" field, then select the time you wish to reschedule the appointment.

Step 7. Click the "Schedule Visit" button. That's it! The visit has been rescheduled.

If you still need assistance, please submit a ticket.

Last updated: 06/19/2020

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