eVisit 2.0 Incredibly simple. Highly configurable.

eVisit 2.0 Coming May, 2020. Incredibly simple. Highly configurable.

What’s Changing

Item Change Added/Removed/Updated Notes
Side Bar Visit details  Added This tab provides all of the visit intake information as well as survey results post visit
Side Bar Patient profile Updated This includes PHI, Visit history, editing of patient PHI in the Waiting room, visit history, patient tab, and visit sections of the app. 
Side Bar Visit history Added Includes a sidebar view of all of the details of previous visits
Side Bar Patient details header Added Added to the top of the sidebar on every page
Side Bar Visit survey results Updated This used to be on the patient row and now is in the sidebar visit details tab
Side Bar Personal info Added Patient personal information is now accessible on every page that the sidebar is present
Side Bar Attachments Updated Improved drag and drop functionality as well as an indication of who attached the item
Side Bar Charting Updated Added a new indicator to inform which of the charting notes are patient facing 
Side Bar Addendum Updated Moved from its own popup to the side bar chart
Side Bar Pharmacy Map Added Providers can now use the pharmacy map or a list view when searching for a new pharmacy
Side Bar Visit Checklist Removed Removed from the payments/summary tab to be its own page post visit.
Side Bar  Scheduling Tab Added In the scheduling page you can edit the reschedule the visit in the sidebar
Side Bar Help Tab Removed Is found in the dropdown
Side Bar Health record edits Updated Removed checkboxes, added a list to select conditions, ability to search list, and add other conditions  
Waiting Room Status indicator Removed Indicator was remover
Waiting Room Patient phone number and email Updated Moved from patient row to sidebar header
Waiting Room Patient row expansion Removed All functionality is now in the SB
Visit Types Credit card can be requested only if payment is needed Added If a visit type doesn’t require CC the patient will not need to input CC per visit type
Visit Types End survey questions unique to visit type Added Specific post visit questions based on the visit type not just the practice
Visit Types Health record requirements per visit type Added If a visit type requires allergies this can be prompted per visit type. This creates a progressive collection of patient information that is not cumbersome when first enrolling
Visit Types Force first available Added This can now be enabled with visit types and can be set per visit types
Visit Types Reassign per visit type Added This can now be enabled with visit types and can be set per visit types
Upcoming Visits Page New page Added Appears when there is a visit for the patient and can be seen in an empty state by selecting it from the dropdown menu. Is available for both web and mobile.
All pages (except login) Background image Removed The background image is removed from the background once you log in. It will still be present on the login page

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