How Do I Setup My Schedule?

How Do I Setup My Schedule?

Setting up your Availability for both on-demand and scheduled visits is super easy! This guide will provide a quick high-level overview of setting up your Availability.

First, navigate to the Availability section under your Account:

Next you will be presented with a calendar view to setup your Availability blocks:

To create an Availability block, click and drag your desired times. You will presented with a modal to select Availability options:

Put me on call: Toggles your availability to On-Call for patients to request on-demand or what we call See Now visits. In this example Dr. Shell would become available to Patients at 3:00pm and after 6:30pm would become unavailable.

Allow scheduled visits: This opens up your Availability for scheduled visits. Meaning a Patient can submit a Scheduled Visit for 3:30pm. 

If at any point you run into any issues, error messages, etc. 
Please reach out to our Technical Consultant team at 
Please provide the following information in your request for assistance:

  • Brief description of the issue
  • Provider name
  • Screenshots of any messages
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