How it works:

eVisit's Geoblocking feature protects you, the provider, from seeing patients residing in states in which you are not licensed. We use the patient's IP address to indicate what state they are currently in upon logging into their eVisit account. If the IP address is not in a state you are licensed to serve, the patient will not be able to "See Now" or schedule a visit with you. 

When geoblocking is set on your practice or your provider account, ONLY patients who are currently residing in the states you are licensed in will be able to request a visit from you. For example, say you are only licensed in Arizona and are set as "Available" to accept "See Now" or scheduled visits. A patient who is currently in Arizona will be able to see you as available and request a visit with you. If that same patient travels to California and attempts to schedule an appointment with you, you will no longer show as an available provider because the patient's IP address is currently located in California. The same goes for patients who don't normally reside in a state you are licensed in. If a California resident who normally can not see you as an available provider, is on vacation in Arizona, you will appear as available to them for the duration of their time in Arizona. 

Common issues you may experience:

- A patient who is currently in the state I serve is not able to see me as an available provider. 

  • Ensure you are currently set to "Available" or have scheduled availability set in the future.
  • Check that you AND the patient are not using a VPN for the duration of the visit. VPN's are notorious for causing issues with Geoblocking.
  • If the patient is still not able to see you as an available provider after these 2 steps, please contact eVisit Support to ensure your account is configured properly for Geoblocking. We are happy to help!

- I am seeing some patients request visits with me who have an address outside of my licensed state(s).

  • While the patient's address may be in a state you do not serve, the patient will be able to see you as available because they are currently residing in your state and are eligible to be seen by you for the duration of their stay in your state.
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